Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Family Memories

On this weekend-past there was a focus on rejoicing in the birth of a fresh start of Life's cycle of regeneration. And, for many, there was an enthusiasm for the creation of moments spent in the bosom of Family and Loved Ones. Much attention was given to, what was hoped to be, moments worthy of permanent recollection. Many family conversations were sprinkled with "Do you remember when ...?", and some notable moment would be, yet again, revisited in (oft embellished) detail. Which brought, to my recollection, this moment in the life of two family members who ... even in the midst of the world's focus ... are, still ... Family.

I can not help but wonder if Prince Harry will ever forget (or be allowed to forget) the rather obvious delight enjoyed by his grandmother, the Queen, in her ability to bring a radiant blush to the cheeks of her grandson as he graduates, as an army officer, from Sandhurst. Regardless of station, strata, or position ... Family always knows where those "buttons of response" are just waiting to be pushed. I do love the intimate and very real emotions shown on the faces of both participants in this "Family Album Moment."

I do hope, My Dear Reader, that You, your family, and all those for whom your heart has a place, are enjoying the creation of worthy and delight-filled moments and happenings for both your present satisfaction ... and future reflection.

IMAGE: Dylan Martinez/ Reuters/ BBC NEWS/ In Pictures


nitebyrd said...

Those moments, the ones oft repeated at family gatherings, are the ones that tend to diminish all the other times when family is best not remembered!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Dearest John-Michael, sorry for neglecting you of late, time is catching up with me after posting about my respect for it the other day!

That is indeed a lovely family photo. I have had a wonderful family weekend and look forward to the next.

Crystal xx

John-Michael said...

In my Family (the large tree of grandparents. aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and on and on...), where mention of personal feelings (eg)...

(pride [BAD],
satisfaction [BAD],
pleasure [of the devil],
desires ["fleshly" and not Spiritual, therefore, Evil], etc)

... were NEVER mentioned (much less discussed) ... whenever the "Do you remember when ...?" came up ... it was an absolute given that whatever followed was to be some account of embarrassment, humiliation, failure, pain, or discord.

The dialect of choice was always sarcasm (one never leaves themselves emotionally vulnerable when employing sarcasm.)

And mention of "Love", or "Affection" was not (and, to a large degree, still 'is not') welcomed.

I remember the whispered "He is a 'Hugger', but from him it is OK ... it is just the way he is." regarding the one and only relative given to such bold exhibits of affection.

So the concept of a Family recalling happy, fulfilling, successful, or meaningfully positive moments, is one that was alien to my experience.

Perhaps, leaving me always ready for and open to demonstrations of the sort in the photo. A proud Grandmother, and her blushing, yet proud Grandson.

But then, I could be Romanticizing yet again. [smile]

I do, unashamedly, love you, though, My Darling Nitebyrd!

John-Michael said...

My Darling Crystal, how delighted I am to hear of such a weekend for someone for whom I would wish no less!

Your presence has been missed. But "neglect" was never considered.

Loving You dispenses with such frivolity.

Just Joni said...

Love all that transcends this moment between grandmother and grandson...well captured by the photographer. Have a good day Mister Okey Dokey ;)

smiles and hugs, big, big hugs...

John-Michael said...

Darling Joni, don't they just radiate genuine Affection?!

My day just improved immeasurably with your John-"Mister Okey Dokey"-Michael's embracing in Loving, Loving arms, your big big hugs.

[big, big smile]

CrazyCath said...

Just wanted to say it's another lovely post. I agree with Joni - the photographer captured a (rare) personal moment perfectly!

How sad that you could (can?) not remember things without negative emotion. I have these too but they are balanced with some positive ones. Hopefully you are building your positive memories now. There are far more huggers on the planet than some folk will ever know!

Loving and hugging you.

Shrinky said...

I have such a store of moments, some are hilarious. I may need to post about them soon (smile).

Misty Dawn said...

Oh yes - this photo is priceless. I found myself wearing a huge smile in response to seeing this!

Suldog said...

I hope your Easter Sunday was a happy one, John-Michael (in whatever way you celebrated.)

John-Michael said...

Oh No!, My Cath-Daughter! You do not understand. (it is hard to communicate a tone in print)

My Family memories are memories of a 'typical' family. And quite reflective of the vast majority of people we knew. (Thank God for all of my Cuban and Italian friends who thrilled me with their animated and varied freedoms in expression!! Perfect for my unique temperament)

So,I accepted (and still do) my family's closed emotions as simply them following an old established tradition of behavior. And set about discovering and enjoying my own.

So... there you have it!

John-Michael said...

We anxiously await, Shrinky.

'Til then ...

John-Michael said...

Tickles me to pieces when I can share something that you enjoy, Misty.

CrazyCath said...

Sorry for the misunderstanding! So glad it is that I misunderstood. You and I know I am not best on a Tuesday night. I should've kept my mouth shut until the brain returned but unfortunately I find that hard to do! lol

I'm waking up now and finding my mind a bit clearer. Typical! Just when I should be sleepy...

Anyway, that is a relief and it sounds like it is the same sort of memories that all families, including mine, have. My family is not too tactile either and my theory is that this is precisely why I am, and why I tell my children and hubby that I love them every day.

And yes, it IS hard to communicate a tone in print! :0)

John-Michael said...

And, if I was able to communicate that "tone" of my disposition when speaking of such matters as the diverse differences between my Self and others (including relatives), would be one of bemusement and somewhat-jovial humor and acceptance. I am glad to say that most have readily accepted me, as I am, in response to my acceptance and respect of them.

You are good for me, Cath. You help my awareness that I need to "spell out" more clearly my emotions when speaking in print. So easy for a reader to not know my Robin Williams-esque manner and style/

Now that you are assuming this watch ... I am off to greet those beckoning pillows.

Loving You ... Me.

Cowgirl said...

What a charming moment captured! Especially as it is so oft said that the Royals show little in the way of emotion - and yet here it is in spades!

John-Michael said...

'Tis enchanting, don't you think, CowGirl? Good old 'Humanity' always pleases when and where it shows itself.

Crystal said...

I loved that photo when I saw it too. The kids and I have so many GOOD and loving moments that when I look back on the bad ones, I can never quite remember them in detail. Guess that means I didn't need to in the first place;o)

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